Year : 1963

Vin : 213680

One of only 30 cars produced with Porsche engine !!


A must-have for any collector of Porsches and its many interesting variants, this APAL (Application Polyester Armé Liège) coupé appears at first glimpse to be a different version of the Porsche 356 Abarth Carrera, but in reality, it is a lightweight fiberglass-bodied coupé built an a strenghtened Volkswagen floorpan and there is a lot of Porsche underneath.  With a wheelbase longer than that of a Porsche 356 but fitted with only two seats, the Apal GT offered a very comfortable accomodation for driver an passenger.  The light weight and lower gravity contributed to excellent handling as well.

The Belgian manifacturer Apal, founded by Mr Edmond Pery and Bruno Vidick, produced 150 of these attractive coupes between 1961 and 1965.  Belgian Volkswagen en Porsche importer D'ieteren (being a good friend of Mr Pery) delivered the chassis and mechanics for the Apal Coupe.   D'ieteren also gave Apal, 30 Porsche VIN numbers en mechanics to make them able to build a exclusive range of only 30 to Porsche specifications.

These rare cars were fitted with Porsche 356 engines, transaxles, brakes, wheels, instrumentation and interior trim.  Given that they weighed barely 750 kg, much less than a 356 B coupé, the Porsche powered Apal proved very effective in racing, hillclimbs and rallies, including the famous Liège-Sofia-Liège contest.

The car on offer here is one af these rare Apal with Porsche specifications.  It has been owned for over 20 years by the same Belgian family before we had the opportunity to buy it.

Rare opportunity to buy one of the unique Apal's.  

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